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Many Hats Institute (MHI):

The Many Hats Institute is a nonprofit network of professionals from various backgrounds who raise funds and provide technical assistance to promote community development and engage youth as resources to their communities worldwide.

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Youth Service America (YSA):

YSA is a resource center and the premier alliance of 200 + organizations committed to increasing the quantity and quality of volunteer opportunities for young Americans to service locally, nationally, and globally. Founded in 1986, YSA's mission is to strengthen the effectiveness, sustainability and scale of the youth service and service-learning field. A strong youth service movement will create healthy communities, and foster citizenship, knowledge, and the personal development of young people. YSA envisions a powerful network of organizations committed to making service the common expectation of all young people. YSA's programs include: National/Global Youth Service Day; the President's Student Service Awards, a White House initiative to recognize all youth volunteers who do ongoing service;, the premier web site on service and volunteering; the National Youth Service Member Network; the National Service-Learning Conference; and the Youth Civic Action Network.

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"Youth Service America (YSA) is excited to be part of Reach Youth Peak. YSA has long promoted the concept of youth as resources and has helped build the capacity of youth to meet personal and community goals through volunteer service. Reach Your Peak provides the tools to help millions more youth set and achieve their goals, and to build healthy youth and healthy communities."

- Steve Culbertson,
President & CEO, Youth Service America


Making the Internet More Powerful for Educators and Students
A Safe, School-Focused Online Learning Tool

While virtually all schools in the U.S. are now wired for the Internet, studies clearly indicate that educators are not certain how best to make use of the medium's vast educational resources. AOL@SCHOOL applies America Online's hallmark focus on convenience and ease-of-use to this dilemma, providing a variety of free age-appropriate educational content, state-of-the-art communications features and special safety tools to make the Internet more powerful for teachers and students.

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"The incredible interest in Reach Your Peak, from both educators, community service organizations and the online education community, demonstrates the need for this type of resource to help youth set and achieve goals. AOL@SCHOOL is designed to make it easy for schools to use great Internet resources -- like those of Reach Your Peak -- to make the online medium a more effective teaching tool."

- Tatiana Gau,
Sr. Vice President AOL, Integrity Assurance


iEARN connects "Youth Making a Difference." Since 1988, iEARN has connected schools to enable teachers and students to engage in collaborative Project-Based Learning. Teachers throughout the 95-country network provide content through projects that they propose and facilitate and which meet specific curriculum needs. iEARN enables them to find partners in its on-line educational community, relieving teachers of the need to surf the Internet to find suitable project partners. Projects, including many which involve creative and expository writing and peer editing through WWW-based interactive forums, involve over 500,000 young people each day, working together and demonstrating the power of collaborative learning. With the completion of each project, students undertake an action component, in which students share the learning gained through on-line interaction with their communities through service projects, publications and other action initiatives. Based on this experience, iEARN has been asked by the U.S. Department of Education and the President to bring together organizations which can assist U.S. teachers to link with schools internationally, particularly with those in predominantly Muslim countries. Toward this end, iEARN-USA has launched the "Friendship Through Education." (

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"iEARN-USA is pleased to be a partner in Reach Your Peak. Since 1988, iEARN has used telecommunications technologies to empower young people to engage in collaborative international projects, which enable them to express their commitment to improve the quality of life on the planet. Reach Your Peak is a powerful means by which they can express their hopes and act on their dreams. Nothing can create a quality planet more than this."

  1. -Edwin Gragert,
    Director, iEARN


Mindopia is a career discovery website where users can find the ‘inside scoop’ on any career through the people in them.  Mindopia uses video-taped informational interviews with people in the careers users want to help them learn and discover what different careers are like and how to get in them.

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